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The Contractors Corner
Understanding Carpet Browning
The Reoccurring Stain
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Carpet Browning
The Reoccurring Stain
Causes Effects and Solutions Using Simple Physics
Browning is the phenomenon that causes the carpet to turn dark brown. The brown discoloration may disappear for a short time after cleaning, but will always return. Carpet and Upholstery Browning is know as a reoccurring stain. Simply it is an imbalance of pH, being too high on the alkaline side.
Browning may be caused by frequent carpet shampoo or bonnet cleaning without an interim carpet cleaning routine which would include hot water extraction to remove alkali residue and build-up. Another frequent cause is rain water that may leak through ceilings or seeping through bad gaskets in doors and windows on to the carpet. Other causes include air conditioning run-off water and hot water heater leaks.
When a debrowning product is applied to correct the browning problem, the stain will often disappear within a few minutes, however, in some severe instances, a repeat treatment may be necessary.
"Tennessee Specialty Supply" stocks Debrowner product from DSC and HCR. Debrowner is an essential product for every restoration and carpet cleaning professional.
What the customer needs to know
Your customer probably does not know how easy it is to correct the carpet browning stain. Because of this your customer has a fear of the cost to eliminate the stain. The stain problem in your customer's home may have been going on for years. The reason they have called you could be that they are putting the house on the market or they are leasing or renting the house or they are just sick of looking at the discoloration. Whatever the reason they are depending on you to fix the problem.
The first thing the customer should know is that in extreme cases it may take up to 3 treatments before the problem is completely eliminated. Most of the time one application of a debrowning agent will eliminate the problem. Give the customer a fair price for each treatment. Take into consideration your cost for examination and inspection, cleaning, chemical treatment. If possible inspect the carpet pad especially if there has been a persistent water leak causing the carpet browning stain. As always this means being fair to yourself as well as your customer. Remember that you did not cause the problem, so be fair to your customer but..."Do not undercharge".
Draw on your experience
Have a good knowledge of when a carpet can be saved and when replacement is absolutely necessary. If you think that you can't fix the carpet by treating it tell the customer on the front end and give your reasons for your doubts.
Treating the stain
There are two widely used and popular methods of removing a carpet browning stain. The first is to use an "Acid Rinse Agent". The other is to treat the stain with a "Debrowning Agent". Both are very effective individually and as a two-part treatment of the problem.
Acid Rinse Agent
This is a cleaning method in which an acid based detergent is used to clean the entire carpet. It is extremely effective at removing alkaline residue from carpet that has been damaged by too frequent carpet shampoo or bonnet cleaning. Always follow label directions. The "Acid Rinse Agent' is mixed with water and dilutes at a ratio that is very close to the ratio you use for your normal extraction cleaner. Usually two ounces per gallon water.
Do not mix anything like boosters or deodorizers with the "Acid Rinse Agent" as they are much higher on the pH scale and would completely defeat the purpose of what you are trying to accomplish.
Debrowning Agent
Is known for its quick action at eliminating stain and ring for complete removal of carpet browning stains. Better "Debrowning Agent" is purchased in the form or a concentrate and mixed with water usually at a ratio of 1:20 or approximately 6 ounces per gallon water. Spray or pour the diluted product on the affected area and the browning stain should disappear within 5 minutes. In severe cases reapplication will be necessary.
When to use both products as a two part treatment
This does not mean mixing. Never mix two chemicals together. You may pre-treat the darker browning stains with a "Debrowning Agent" prior to cleaning with a "Acid Rinse Agent" if desired.
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